Night Cream


We are targeting people of all ages to encourage them to use a night cream that is full bodied with ingredients penetrating the dermis. A rich luxurious night cream is especially important for tired, aging skin that needs a boost of rejuvenation in your sleep! 


We are the best option for the client because we can deliver an outstanding night cream that provides enough moisturisation overnight to wake up feeling no dryness or irritations. Our night cream is silky smooth and penetrates into the dermis. It is non greasy. 


To even out your skin complexion over night. To soothe and hydrate and repair the skin after a long day. Our night cream will enhance cell growth and protect redness with a touch of lavender essential oil and chamomile essential oil added. 


Night cream is to be used on the face, neck and décolletage daily in the evening after cleansing/ exfoliating. 


Soothing lavender and chamomile essential oils increases a calmer sleep over night. Our night cream is designed to fade and diminish fine lines over night and to enhance a luxurious glow to your skin, all whilst you sleep!

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