pure beeswax honeycomb At QLEAN, we believe the way we treat ourselves, this earth, and others on it matters. So we’re loud and proud about the causes we support.

Our Planet

We seek to minimise our footprint by using ingredients that are sourced locally, ethically and packaged sustainability. Wherever possible we source our ingredients directly from local Australian growers and suppliers.

Our pure beeswax is sourced directly from Victorian beekeepers; our organic olive oil from a certified olive grove in Western Australia. We’re doing our bit for the environment by not adding more plastics to landfill. Almost all QLEAN products are packaged in recyclable glass jars and our target is to be 100% glass recyclable by 2020.

The Beauty Bank

We believe that we should treat others as well as we should be treated ourselves. For many women and girls living in Australia, toiletries and beauty products are a luxury item. This includes everyday essentials such as sanitary products, shower gels and soaps. QLEAN proudly supports The Beauty Bank, a Sydney organisation that works to provide women who have fled from a place of domestic violence or other hardship situation with a parcel of essential toiletries that most of us take for granted. 

We donate products each month and you can too by sending any spare products to the address below.

The Beauty Bank

PO Box 2524

Caringbah NSW 2229 Australia