Day Cream



We are targeting people of all ages to encourage them to use a day cream that is full bodied with ingredients penetrating the dermis. People who need and want an everyday face cream with an SPF 15 to block the harsh sunrays and to protect the skin surface during the day. Day cream is best targeted to the individual that has normal, dry and sensitive skin. 


We are the best option for the client because not only do we provide an SPF15 in our day cream, but the rest of the ingredients work with to each to ensure the richness and texture are their optimum levels of potency. Our ingredients are not watered down to ensure the integrity of each molecule is 100% safe and effective. Our day cream is a clean product, less ingredients with more potency. 


The benefits of our day cream are to ensure a deep hydration is provided to the skin. Reducing the signs of aging our face cream is smooth in texture and light on the skin. Our day cream will stop any dryness or redness to the skin’s appearance if it is used over time. Our day cream reduces lines and wrinkles and tight discomfort when used in your daily skin routine or as a stand alone. 


 Day cream is to be used on the face, neck and décolletage daily. Once in the morning, under makeup is fine and after cleansing/ exfoliating. 


We have made our day cream better by providing a base oil called Jojoba oil, which is the lightest oil to use on the face. Our day cream is super high in its potency. Each individual ingredient is at it’s optimum level of hydration without any nasty chemicals. Our day cream will glide onto the epidermis and reach into the dermis layer to nourish and protect. Long lasting, our cream will benefit aging skin and those who have a normal to sensitive skin type.

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