It all began over 20 years ago. Ever since I was a young girl, I have lived an organic life. My childhood was unconventional, but the happiest one that anyone could have ever asked for. My family lived off the grid, we built our own mud house and grew our own crops. It was simple, but it was more than enough. 

My sister Emma developed eczema in 1997 and despite trying what felt like every natural product on the market at the time, nothing seemed to alleviate her symptoms. My mother, who was a nurse, declared one day she would make her own balm, and so the two-year journey began. Using her clinical knowledge, our mother made several balms until she found the perfect formula of only plants and natural oils and for the first time in years, Emma’s eczema was gone. Shortly after, I took the balm and my handmade signs to the local market and the community loved it. This was to be the launching pad for an undeniable customer demand, eager for simple and chemical free products to remedy sensitive skin concerns. 

Me at the local market in 2000 The 1st Balm (c2000) The QLEAN Kitchen 2019
Qlean Beauty Founder 2001
In the lab 2019

Over the years, my mother and I worked together to create products to help relieve the skin concerns of those in our community. Along the way, I obtained my diploma in skin and beauty and launched our family’s ‘FOOD FOR YOUR SKIN’ range, gaining a loyal customer base in Australia and beyond for our products’ purity and effectiveness. 

A lot has changed since then. Together with my partner Mare, we wanted to take our unique and proven formulations to the next level with the inclusion of safe, active ingredients. We sought the highest quality organic ingredients, worked with cosmetic chemists to improve our formulations and expanded our range. After 2 years in development, QLEAN was launched in July 2019. With QLEAN we offer you a new approach to botanical based skin care - minimal formulations with the power of effective active ingredients to achieve real results.

It’s clean beauty that works. Simple as that!

With Love, Greta Pickering

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