The year was 2001 and Greta Pickering took a sensitive skin formulated balm to her local market. Despite her hand written banner, this was to be the launching pad for a strong customer demand for chemical free products to remedy their sensitive skin concerns. Greta's mum Jenny was a nurse and for years prior had used her clinical knowledge to make the balm for her daughter who was suffering from eczema. 

By listening to the stories people told them about their skin and developing products to help them, Greta and Jenny built a natural skin care range that has lasted the test of time. Before organic was a buzzword, Greta's 'Food for your Skin' customers trusted the quality and purity of her formulations.

Greta at the market in 2001 The 1st Balm
Qlean Beauty Founder 2001

In 2016, after completing a diploma in skin and beauty, Greta embarked on a mission with her partner Maire: To take her unique and proven formulations to the next level, with the inclusion of safe, active ingredients that work for all skin types and all ages.

After 2 years in development, QLEAN was launched in July 2019 offering a new approach to botanical skin care : Effective, Ethical, Clean.

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