Soap sud-siding #theendofanera

To our regular customers.

We are no longer in production for making our handmade soaps.

We will be focussed 100% on our skincare line, as we branch into retail outlets across Australia.

Our decision to stop producing our soap was not as easy one to make. We have been making soap for the past twenty years. We are very proud of our soap making achievements over this time and value your years of custom along the way!

For now, we can supply you until our stock runs out. Please see the website for daily totals on each type of soap that is left. Purchase while stock lasts only. We will be unable to complete any consignments or negotiations once the stock has gone.

We will be giving away free samples of our skin care range with every final soap order and a free canvas Qlean bag.

Thank you for your support over the years. We at Qlean Headquarters very much appreciate the goodwill of our business. Thanks for being great soap customers !


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So devastated ! Have enjoyed your soap for many many years and still love it ❤️

Kathryn Cassar March 28, 2022

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