My skin care routine for busy mums

I am a busy working mum with 2 very busy boys under the age of 10. Like many women I feel like I never have enough time to follow through on a full blown spa facial, using all the products that companies want us to use as a ‘daily routine.’ Who on earth has time to complete so many steps before they run out the door every day! I’m sure many mums can relate to my lack of time when it comes to completing a skincare routine.

So, I decided to change my skin care routine and make it simple, but I still achieve maximum results. Most importantly I wanted my face to feel replenished and not dry. As I'm ageing, I notice it becomes harder to regain elasticity. I can’t stand it if my skin feels tight, dry and wrinkled from a bad night’s sleep. 

I want to wake up every day and see that my night-time routine has provided my skin with moisture and nurtured its elasticity while I slept. I want to be able to get up and shower, notice that my skin is already hydrated from the products I used the night before and to make my morning routine as short as possible.

Each night, I start with the Ultra Gentle Cream Cleanser with ginseng and green tea to remove dirt and makeup. Then, I use Ultra Gentle Cream Exfoliator with jojoba beads and jojoba oil. Exfoliating is key to the routine as it will set the skin tone to absorb the next two products.

After exfoliating, I use Organic Beauty Night Cream. Then I place 2 drops of Rosehip and E Face Oil on the back of my hand and dab it onto areas of my face that need extra hydration. Yes, it mixes in with the night cream! Don’t forget the neck and decolletage area. I always use the remaining oils that are on my hand as a hand oil and rub it into my cuticles. Added bonus!

In the morning I can immediately see how hydrated my skin is. All I need is my daily Vitamin C Serum, 2 drops all over my face and my Geranium Leaf Hydrating Day Cream with SPF under my makeup. I add a little more day cream over the top of my makeup in the dryer areas. I am set for the day!

I have less time in the morning so my night routine is so important and has become my calming self-care ritual. It's worked a treat for me and I hope it works for you too!

Love from one busy QLEAN mum to another!

My skin care routine for busy mums’ step by step.

  1. Cleanse with Ultra Gentle Cream Cleanser
  2. Exfoliate with Ultra Gentle Cream Exfoliator 
  3. Moisturise with Organic Beauty Night Cream
  4. Add Rosehip oil to moisturiser Organic Rosehip + Vit E Oil
  5. Go to sleep and let the magic happen.
  6. Wake up with hydrated skin.
  7. Quick cleanse or water wash
  8. Vitamin C Serum. Any quality high percentage serum. Can't wait for Qlean's serum later this year!
  9. Day cream moisturiser with SPF to protect you like Hydrating Day Cream with SPF 15
  10. Have a great day! 


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