Moisturising Dry, Frequently Washed Hands

In our previous post we emphasised that regular hand washing is the best defence to help curb the spread of COVID-19.

If you’re listening to the advice on preventing the spread of Coronavirus then you’re probably washing your hands more than you ever have in your life! This can leave your skin feeling dryer than normal and exposes you to all kinds of increased risks of infection. Dry skin increases the chances of cracks and micro breaks, leaving you exposed to bacterial contamination through the skin.

So, it’s more important than ever before to moisturise your hands after washing them and the best treatment for dry hands is a hand balm. Unlike hand lotions, which are mostly water, balms are mostly oil so they trap moisture in the skin, protecting it with a barrier of oil and wax. Our very first balm was created for those with dermatologic conditions like eczema and dermatitis so they’re fantastic at creating a shield from the outside environment as well as a guard that maintains natural moisture in the skin.


  • Each time you wash your hands, pat yourself dry and leave a small amount of dampness, before applying one of our hand balms.
  • Night time is a really good time to give your skin a rest. Put on a good amount of balm and utilise all that downtime to hydrate the skin to get it back into gear.
  • And remember, if your hands are chapped and irritated, avoid ingredients with alcohol. That means giving the hand sanitisers a break until your skin has healed.

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Hi, I’d like to send your hand balm and soap to my daughters and some friends. Would you be able to do a gift pack with your recommendations in regards to COVID-19, hand washing, the importance of moisturising and minimising use of alcohol based sanitisers? Great information and products. Thanks.

Lorraine Watson July 02, 2021

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